New Life

Cold falls down onto

stiffening solid snow protecting

soft fragile ground.

Seeds dream,

waiting for sun to come

but not too soon.

They need time and

space and the songs of birds to

lull them from their snow-sleep.

Ice carves room to

reach the resting pods filled with


Melted by underground springs

cold water nourishes rather than freezes,

baptizing new life.

To Be…

My love extends beyond my soul

and through the smiles

I see in the children laughing around me.

My heart is more than my love,

radiating in in the eyes of my

Lover nestled beside me.

My life is more than moments

of joy and sorrow and sharing

Hope for a better tomorrow.

My journey is still being formed

all maps tossed aside,

replaced by unseen forces guiding me home

to you

to me

to be…