My Soul Songs #7


I have random snatches of memories and a few scattered photographs to remind me of you.
The Nilla Wafers, the chain around your neck. I remember your smell too, and your smile. Your smile is my favorite.

I can’t remember your voice and I can’t remember your favorite anything. I can’t even remember anything we did together–except hug, except sit on your lap. And we dunked Nilla Wafers.

But I know you are part of everything I am. And you gave me this soul song I carry in my heart.

My Soul Songs #4: Sunlight on Snow

Sunlight on snow has always been one of my favorite scenes. Cool, sunny skies invigorate me. But it’s deeper than that. It’s not just that this girl from the northwest still gets excited at the sight of snow. There’s something almost spiritual about the way the light dances on blankets of snow, the way a gentle wind picks up the crystals to create swirling patterns of glitter in my path.

It’s the balance of energies, fire and water that inspires me. We tend to think of these as opposites and as opponents. Water quenches fire. Heat evaporates moisture. But with sunlight and snow we can see how the two energies can exist in a complementary harmony.

Snow reflects sunlight. Sunshine amplifies the beauty of the crystalline water. The cold helps us appreciate the heat. And the heat slowly supports the shift from snow pack to life-giving water.

This is not a passive relationship. The balance is not static, but dynamic, and the catalyst of needed change. And the fact that we are blessed with this scene and its symbolic reminder each new year is a gift. We can enter the new year inspired to seek and create such balance in the energies of our own lives.

In my yoga, I remind myself that my soul craves and creates both power and peace. In my relationships, I remind myself that I exist to both give and receive. In my prayers, I request and I praise. I seek to create balance where it is lacking and to embrace the balance that exists.

In 2016, I learned the kind of life I want to live and the kind of love I want to have. I learned better the kind of contribution I want to make and the kind of legacy I hope to leave. I learned that I need others and that I have much to offer as well.

I carry these lessons with me into 2017 with a new appreciation of how they can be balanced in my life. I enter the year with a new perspective and the acknowledgement that I do not control the elements, but the elements are my allies. I will not fear the heat, for it brings the light that I need. I will not fear the storm for it brings new life. I will live in harmony as the sunlight on snow.





Ebony etchings tell

lessons of life, death, rebirth

of earth, mind, body, and soul

… and I’m reminded of our spiraling interconnectedness.

Golden God Light

illuminates memories of Ancient Ones

tucked away in the hills of this strange land

… and now I’m transported to another world, another life.


Awe-inspired youths listen

IMG_1642soaking in the wisdom of The Teachers

yearning for understanding, seeking affirmation

…and I’m one of them, now and forever.

Infinite worlds collide

Creating past, present, future, and always

Until I finally understand why I’m here,

… And I’m free to be who I was always meant to be.